IEHK Kit Equipment Supplies

IEHK Kit Equipment Supplies

Kit Contents :-
1. Kidney basin, 825ml, stainless steel x (1 Each)
2. HDPE bottle 1000ml, narrow neck, with cap x (3 Each)
3. Wash bottle 250ml, plastic x (1 Each)
4. Solution cup 180ml, stainless steel x (1 Each)
5. Hand Scrub Brush, Surgeon’s, Plastic x (2 Each)
6. Sterilising Drum approx 15 x 15cm, Stainless Steel x (2 Each)
7. Forceps, Kocher, 14cm, Straight, 1x2 teeth x (2 Each)
8. Bucket, approx. 13 ltr, Plastic x (2 Each)
9. Surgical Scissors Deaver 14cm, Straight, Sharp/Blunt x (2 Each)
10. Dressing Set Consisting of :- (2 Each)
Hemostatic Forceps Pean, 14 cm, Straight x (1 Each)
Dissecting Forceps, 16 cm, non-toothed x (1 Each)
Surgical Scissors Deaver, 14cm, Straight x (1 Each)
Instrument Box with Lid, 20x10x5cm, Stainless Steel x (1 Each)
11. Clinical Thermometer, Digital, 32-43 dgrs C x (5 Each)
12. Dressing Tray 30 x 20 x 3cm, Stainless Steel x (1 Each)
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of IEHK Kit Equipment Supplies at Bulk competitive prices from India.

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