Table Top Steam Sterilizer 23 Ltr

Table Top Steam Sterilizer 23 Ltr

Table Top Steam Sterilizer has advanced sterilization technology
It has features for both pre & post vacuum.
This autoclave is made of complete stainless steel 304 Grade having outer & inner wall & has a capacity of 23 liters chamber which has compact outer dimensions.
There is mineral wool insulation between the two walls.
Table Top Autoclave is designed to sterilize class B cycles.
This Sterilization unit is used in dental and private clinics that need to sterilize narrow and hollow instruments and wrapped packs.
It has 2 No. stainless steel perforated shelves.
The water reservoir has a capacity of 6 liters of distilled or low-quality deionized water.
This sterilizer is designed to perform the class B cycle that meets the strictest EN 13060 European standards.
Pre Vacuum Air Removal feature is a part of Table Top Steam Sterilizer. Air is trapped inside these instruments and fabrics, resulting in air pockets that prevent the full penetration of steam. It is known that spores and bacteria can survive at 134 Deg.C in air pockets.  Therefore, pre-vacuum air removal eliminates air pockets from all load types and maximizes steam penetration to instrument components.
Post Vacuum Drying feature is a part of Table Top Steam Sterilizer. When hot steam comes in contact with the cooler instruments, condensation can form. Condensation becomes even more serious with packaged loads when moisture can remain after the cycle ends. A moist load does not provide sufficient SAL (Sterility Assurance Level). Post vacuum drying provides complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments at the end of the sterilization process.
Temperature is controlled by Micro processed PID Controller which will have the following features:
Auto purging: Set Temp.
Purging Stop: – Set Temp.
Auto Exhaust:- Cool
Elapse Time
Set Temperature:- Can be set as desired
Facility for temp. Control
Autocycle stop
Buzzer at cycle over
Operating Temp. 121 Deg.C to 135 Deg.C
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 to 2.3 kg /Cm2
Pressure can be achieved up to 760mm/ hg approx.
This sterilizer work on 200/ 220 volts A.C 50 Hz.
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Table Top Steam Sterilizer 23 Ltr at Bulk competitive prices from India.

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