Needle and Syringe Destroyer Electric Plastic Body

Needle and Syringe Destroyer Electric Plastic Body

Specifications :-
Needle Burner and Syringe Destroyeris a must have equipment for all hospitals, clinics, medical personnel.
Higher Power for quick burning of needle.
Additional hole for syringe cutting which doubles the blade life .
Improved cutter handle design for better grip and ease of use.
It easily and safely destroys used needles and syringe hence avoiding risk of injection and re-use.
Helps eliminate accidental needle prick injuries during re-capping.
Light, Portale and Compact design.
Used needle, when inserted in destroyer, is burned in 2 seconds.
The syringe hub can be cut off easily by a sharp blade by pulling the handle.
Low Power Consumption.
Removable discharge tray for easy disposal of needle ash and syringe hubs.
Elegant Looks.
Works on 220V/50Hz electric supply.
Very Economical.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Needle & Syringe Destroyer Electric Plastic Body at Bulk competitive prices from India.

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