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Minilap Kit in India

Hospital Laboratory is a well known Minilap Kit Manufacturers in India who offer supreme quality medical kits in the healthcare sector. These kits are widely used in hospitals for surgical operations. This kit is made of the best quality stainless steel material that is hygienic and easy to use. 

Contain different items

As a foremost Wholesale Minilap Kit Suppliers and Exporters in India, we offer a wide range of medical equipment in the market. This kit contain various items such as- 

  • Dressing forceps
  • Tissue Forceps 
  • Kelly Forceps Straight 
  • Artery Pean Forceps Straight
  • Artery Pean Forceps Curved
  • Mosquito Forceps Curved 
  • Babcock Forceps 
  • Baby Babcock Forceps 
  • Sponge Forceps Straight
  • Towel Backhaus Clamp 
  • Mayo Hegar Needle
  • Mayo Scissors Straight
  • Mayo Scissors Curved 
  • Metzenbaum Scissors Curved
  • Uterine Elevator Ramathibodi 
  • Tubak Hook Ramathibodi 
  • Graves Speculum Medium
  • Carry Bag
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