Medical Height and Weight Scales

Medical Height and Weight Scales in India

If you are seeking for Medical Height Scale Manufacturers in India, then Hospital Laboratory is the right destination for you. The offered weighing scale is used for the measurement and monitoring of height and weight. Most versions have a long-lasting powder paint finish that ensures long-term durability. The heavy duty sturdy, stable bases provide patient assurance and safety when standing on the scale. 

Used in different field

Practitioners, nutritionists, and pharmacists can make better judgments using accurate and trustworthy measurements.It's high-precision equipment with a cutting-edge design, convenient access, and exceptional stability. We strive to provide high-quality weighing scales, height measurement, and other measuring devices at affordable rates, guaranteeing that your weighing equipment fulfills your demands.

For precise measurement

We are one of the reliable Wholesale Medical Weight Scale Suppliers and Exporters in India. Our machine has cutting-edge technology including a high-quality steel alloy load cell, a strong frame, and a beautiful mechanical structure. Ultrasonic sensors are used with sophisticated microcontroller technology to precisely detect height.

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