Infant Radiant Heat Warmer

Infant Radiant Heat Warmer in India

Newborn infants are unable to regulate their body temperature and therefore require help to maintain a desired temperature. Hospital Laboratory offers a baby warmer to provide regulated heat to newborn babies. We are one the foremost Infant Radiant Warmer Manufacturers in India who offer best quality products in the medical industry.

Helps to maintain require temperature

Our advanced heat warmer mode gives well monitored or required warmth to infants. In the beginning, it requires temperature specification and the machine will then take over and supply the required heat output on a continuous basis. Our Radiant Heat Warmers are only released in the market after proper inspections are performed by our quality control unit.

Check metabolic rate

We are one of the best Wholesale Infant Radiant Warmer Suppliers and Exporters in India. This machine helps in the regulation of the baby's body temperature as well as the monitoring of his or her metabolic rate.

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