ECG Machine 1 Channel

ECG Machine 1 Channel

ECG Machine is known as Electrocardiogram
ECG Leads are attached to the skin on arms, legs and chest using sticky patches.These leads read signals from heart and send this information to the electrocardiograph.
Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data,real-time recording
10.2" Inch LCD Color Display
Graphic display of 12-lead ECG waveform
Built-in analysis software of age which assures accurate an alysis result
Auto-measurement, auto-interpretation, waveform play back and storage of ECG data.
Patients Information Can be Input
Lead off & lack off paper detection function.
DataTransmitting to PC Via RS232 /USB
USB Flash Disk & SD Memory, PC Review & Print
Heart rate measurement and pace-maker protection circuit
Multi-printing formats : manul / automatic, standard 12 channel, 3 channel ph is 3 rhythm lead , 6 channel , 6 channel plus rhythm
AC , DC or built-in lithium battery power supply , alarm of battery weak and lead-off
Paper Size : 210mm X 20m
RS232 and USB interface cope with data-share or remote data management requirement (Optional)
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