Autopsy Table Electro Hydraulic

Autopsy Table Electro Hydraulic

Specifications :-
Electro Hydraulic Autopsy Table  is manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel material
Autopsy Table is also known as Dissection table and Post Mortem Table
This table is equipped with height adjustments.
These Tables provide efficient and smooth working surface to the Surgeons
It is an advance table which provides efficiency in autopsy procedures.
Autopsy tables have clean, hygienic platform for performing autopsy procedures.
These tables have large radius inside corners for easy clean up                                                              
The table is Mounted on central supports column.
Autopsy Table Electro Hydraulic is Remote controlled height adjustable from 75 to 100 cm  
It has Double bowl sink
It comes with regulated sprinkler systems for table surface ensuring continues self-cleaning.
It has reverse-flow Hydro aspirator with built in vaccum breaker.
The electrical outlets are splash proof
Electro Hydraulic Autopsy Table has 4 perforated divisions for body support grid plates.
It comes with Hand shower.
The down-draft ventilation cone system is incorporated for minimization of odors if attached to external ventilation source.
We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Autopsy Table Electro Hydraulic at Bulk competitive prices from India. 

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