Hospital Mortuary Freezer Manufacturers in Angola

Hospital Mortuary Freezer Manufacturers Manufacturers in Angola

At Hospital Laboratory, we are a Hospital mortuary freezer manufacturers in Angola. Our offered refrigerator has been meticulously constructed so that you can enjoy a lovely, nearly maintenance-free product. It comes with Direct cooling technology which is used to create these mortuary storage cabinets, and regarded as best for storing dead bodies.

Used to Preserve dead bodies

HospitalThese cold cabinets are also known as morgue freezers, dead corpse storage refrigerators, mortuary fridges, and mortuary chambers, among other titles. The temperature of a mortuary storage cabinet is usually kept between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius, although it can also be set to 0 degrees Celsius, -10 degrees Celsius, or even -20 degrees Celsius. Consider us if you are in Angola. 

Widely Used

We are engaged as a Hospital Morgue Freezer Wholesale Suppliers and Exporters in Angola. These refrigerated storage cabinets for dead bodies are commonly used in hospitals, railways, airports, disaster relief, army camps, and army hospitals, among other places.

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