Blood Bank Refrigerator in Algeria

Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturers in Algeria

Hospital laboratory is a company engaged as a Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturers in Algeria. Our blood bank refrigerator has the features for great blood product preservation, including controlling by microprocessor, flexible storage capacity and uniformity. We meet the requirements by providing different types of blood bank refrigerators and its availability in different sizes.

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A blood bank refrigerator (BBR) is a specifically built temperature-controlled refrigeration system for storing blood bags at 4 degrees Celsius. It is generally used in blood banks and hospitals, as the name suggests. Not every refrigerator is a blood refrigerator; temperature consistency is a must for blood bag storage, and other factors to consider when purchasing such a fridge include bag capacity. We receive a demand from various health care centres and hospitals and we accomplish it with timely deliverance. Consider us in Algeria

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Connect to the Blood Bank Refrigerator Wholesale Suppliers and Exporters in Algeria. We'd be pleased to talk about your blood storage needs with you. Please mention the amount of blood bags you want to store and any specific accessories you wish to fit in our blood bank refrigerator to get a quote.

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