Dental Equipment in Afghanistan

Dental Equipment Manufacturers in Afghanistan

We, at Hospital Medical Laboratory, are the esteemed Dental Equipment manufacturers in Afghanistan.  These instruments are the tools that dentists use to provide dental treatment. These dental devices comprise simple to advanced equipment to examine, manipulate, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures. Explore our entire dental equipment range and choose the most suitable product as per your requirements. 

We offer a wide range of Dental Electrocautery.

Features of these equipment

  • Great quality product
  • Excellent choice over a much more expensive laser
  • 7 autoclavable electrodes set
  • Operation mode of cut, coagulation, cut-coagulation.
  • Cut through soft tissue 

Avail these equipment in Afghanistan.

Product Clinical Features:

  • No bleeding at the site of surgery as it seals the blood vessel by denaturation of the protein 
  • Seven different electrodes available in multiple shapes which can be used for incisions, excisions and bleeding control
  • Mode cut-for quick incisions
  • Mode coagulation-for controlling bleeding
  • Mode cut-coagulation-for controlling bleeding with precise incisions

We, at Hospital Medical Laboratory, are the esteemed Dental Instruments suppliers and exporters in Afghanistan.

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