Adult First Aid CPR Training Manikin

Adult First Aid CPR Training Manikin

1. The screen LCD display artificial respiration, external breast compression and pulse reaction 
2. Simulate standard open airway and sound prompting
3. External breast compression: indicator light display, LCD counter display and sound prompting
a) Indicator light display of correct and wrong compression position; LCD counter display; sound prompting of wrong compression. 
b) Display of correct (at least 5cm) and wrong (less than 5cm) compression intensity; digital strip indicator light (yellow, green, red) shows compression depth; counter display; sound prompting of wrong operation
4. Artificial respiration (Inhalation) indicator light display, LCD counter display and sound prompting: 
a) Inhalation is ≤500ml/600ml-1000ml≤, strip indicator light shows inhalation volume; counter display of correct and wrong operations, and sound prompting of wrong operation. 
b) Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display; digital counter display; sound prompting.
5. Ratio of compression and artificial respiration: 30:2 (one or two person)
6. Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of 30:2 ratio of compression and artificial respiration 
7. Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute 
8. Operation methods: exercise operation; examine operation
9. Operation time: counting down device
10. Sound prompting device: volume control; turning on or turning off sound prompting device
11. Print: print operation result
12. Examination of pupil response: mydriasis and myosis
13. Examination of carotid response: simulate spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process
14. Working conditions: Input power is 110-240V

Standard components

1. Full body manikin (1) 
2. Big screen LCD (1) 
3. Portable plastic box (1)
4. Temperature sensing printer (1) 
5. CPR operation pad (1) 
6. CPR face shield sheet (50pcs/box) 
7. Artificial respiration face mask (1) 
8. Exchangeable lung bag (5)
9. Exchangeable face skin (1)
10. Temperature sensing print paper (2 roll) 
11. Guide manual (1)

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