5 Parameter Patient Monitor 8.4

5 Parameter Patient Monitor 8.4

5 Parameter Patient Monitor 8.4" display commonly known as Patient Monitor, Multiparameter Monitors
5 Standard Parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SP02,1-TEMP
Real time S-T segment analysis and ARR analysis.
Multi-display selectable including standard, large font, trend OxyCRG dynamic
Multi 7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase and capture dynamic waveforms.
Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall
Efficient  resistance to interference of defibrillator.
Up to 2 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable battery.
Lead mode: 5-lead (R,L,F,N,C)
Waveform : 3 and 7 channel selectable
Heart rate range : Adult: 15~300bpm
Arrhythmia analysis & St. : YES
Method : Thoracic impedance between (RA-LL)
Measurement range: Adult : 7~120rpm;
Method: Digital Automatic oscillometric
Operation mode : Manual/Automatic/continuous
Over Pressure Protection : Double Safety Protection
Alarm : Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
Measurement range : 0-100%
Accuracy: +2%(70-100%);0-69% unspecified
Alarm range : 0~100%
Pules Rate range : 20~300bpm
Compatible probe : YSI or CYF
Measurement range : 5~50°C
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